Yorkville Sound Distributes Blackstar Amplification in Canada

Yorkville Sound Distributes Blackstar Amplification in Canada

Canadian pro audio manufacturer and distributor, Yorkville Sound, and innovative instrument amplifier brand, Blackstar Amplification, announced a new distribution partnership. Effective immediately, Yorkville Sound will distribute Blackstar Amplification products in Canada.

Since its emergence in 2007, Blackstar Amplification has been widely celebrated as one of the world’s most innovative guitar amp brands by some of the world’s greatest musicians and bands.

“The Canadian market has always been incredibly important to Blackstar and having our products represented nationally, in the best stores is integral to our brand,” says Joel Richardson, Blackstar Amplification’s Director of Marketing. “Producing world-leading products is just one part of the Blackstar story, having world-class partners to help deliver those products is paramount to realizing our vision. Yorkville Sound is that partner, and we’re looking forward to the team stitching Blackstar into the fabric of the illustrious and dynamic Canadian music scene.”

Jeff Cowling, Yorkville’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing comments; “Yorkville’s distribution catalog is curated with brands that help musicians take their craft to new heights. Blackstar’s constant goal is to provide musicians with innovative amplifier designs that inspire their art. We are excited to have this exceptional brand as part of our distribution family.”

For more information about Yorkville Sound visit yorkville.com

For more information about Blackstar Amps visit blackstaramps.com

About Yorkville

Yorkville Sound has been a manufacturer of PA systems and loudspeakers, Traynor instrument amplifiers, and installed audio systems and accessories since its inception in 1963. The company now employs over 220 people in a 150,000 sq ft facility in Pickering Ontario, Canada (a suburb of Toronto). In addition to its manufacturing capability, Yorkville Sound is an importer and distributor of microphones, and accessories under the Apex brand (www.apexelectronics.com) as well as studio effects, signal processors, microphone preamps and accessories under the brand name Applied Research & Technology (ART) (www.artproaudio.com). Yorkville Sound distributed lines Granite Percussion, Denver Guitars, Orion FX Lighting, HK Audio, Hughes & Kettner Amplifiers, Rouge Valley Bags for North America; Gibson Guitars, Epiphone Guitars, Gold Tone, Samson Audio & Wireless, Hartke, Mapex Drums, Dynaudio, Leho Ukuleles, Link Audio, Los Cabos Drumsticks, LR Baggs, Ernie Ball Strings, Ashdown Amplifiers, Rotosound Strings, Snark Tuners, TrueTone Pedals, CruzTools, Kluson, DLX Series, Steinberger Guitars, The Rockslide, Zer0 Glide, KRK, as well as Gallien-Krueger Amplifiers for Canada

About Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar Amplification is a new and dynamic British guitar amplification company whose uncompromising, cutting-edge products have already begun to revolutionize the sounds and features that are available to guitarists. Based in Northampton, England, Blackstar Amplification’s technological innovations are led by Technical Director Bruce Keir, a leading expert in guitar amplifier design with over 20 years’ experience in the field