XCHANGE surpasses two million transactions

XCHANGE surpasses two million transactions

Before XCHANGE, music software was normally packaged, shipped, and
stocked physically in music retail stores and their warehouses, all for a simple
code printed on paper. Launched in 2009, XCHANGE was created as a better
alternative to selling audio software in the retail environment. The company
serves as a business-to-business purchasing platform for music retailers
to order products from manufacturers and then sell these products to its
customers online. This strategy allows retailers and manufacturers to expand
and scale their businesses globally by networking and connecting to deliver
digital software licenses. While simultaneously serving the needs of retailers,
XCHANGE offers manufacturers a portal to manage their retail connections,
set prices, import digital codes for immediate sale, and create and distribute
promotions, all within a centralized interface.

This setup represents a paradigm shift in the way music software is sold
and delivered, enabling customers to purchase and receive licenses in
seconds rather than days and weeks and eliminating costs associated with
manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, and shrinkage.

The company boasts of saving countless trees, gas, time, and energy. Two million transactions on XCHANGE means they have saved the MI industry from creating two million packaging boxes for music software.

“Congratulations to XCHANGE on 2 million transactions! It’s been a strong
partnership for Sweetwater for over a decade and we look forward to continuing
our partnership for many more years. Our shared passion for helping customers
achieve their musical dreams as quickly and easily as possible has created
amazing growth over these last 11 years.”

John Hopkins, CEO, Sweetwater

Its digital delivery platform, with an emphasis on automation and
integration, as well as subscription and rent-to-own features make it a
desirable tool for retailers to deliver countless software titles to customers
instantly. There are more than 7,000 products to sell, no reseller fees, no
inventory stocking requirements, and products are delivered in seconds
anywhere in the world 24/7.

Learn more or sign up for free today at www.xchangemarket.com