Why'd You Make The Move?

Why'd You Make The Move?

By Jeff Bajorek

More than a few people have asked me over the past couple of weeks why I decided to take a full-time sales leadership role.

The short answer? There were a lot of reasons...


The video goes into much greater detail, but here's the shorthand list:

  • We sell solutions to people who know they need help, and there are a lot of them. The market is enormous.
  • We sell market-leading, innovative, tech-enabled solutions with a ton of room to continue to innovate.
  • We're enabling the financial literacy of hundreds of thousands of people every year. There's no question that we can feel good about what we sell.
  • The people on my team are capable, motivated, and willing to learn.
  • The executive team impresses and inspires me.
  • We're well-resourced, and our private equity partners bring as much expertise as capital. 
  • The blending of two former competitors into one world-class sales team brings with it some interesting challenges. Sales problems are people problems, after all.
  • We're moving away from a more transactional model and becoming more consultative as trusted marketing advisors.
  •  I've been handed the keys and told to create a world-class sales organization.
  • I get to take everything I've learned over the last two decades and focus it in one direction to make a huge impact. It's a test I didn't want to walk away from.
  • Every day when I get to the office, I'm reminded that I'm in the right place.

I don't think you can ask for much more out of a position.

What about these Sunday messages? They'll continue with more stories and more specific lessons to share.

What about my consulting business? Will I still be speaking, training, and coaching? Not nearly as much. This new company (with the branding to be unveiled in the near future) is my priority. I do have some clients that I'm sunsetting, and I might have room for a few speaking engagements and workshops, but nothing that threatens the success of this team.

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