PRS Guitars Announces PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin

PRS Guitars Announces PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin

PRS Guitars today announced the PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin, which will retail in the United States at $499 USD. This introduction marks the most affordable guitar in the PRS catalog and is designed to support everyone from first-time players to budget-conscious guitarists to professional musicians. Modeled after the company’s classic CE 24 model, the SE CE 24 Standard Satin is an all-mahogany workhorse, full of PRS DNA and quality

 “It is difficult to speak briefly about the SE CE 24 Standard Satin. The price of this guitar implies that it is probably a great beginner guitar – it is. But, I imagine for some it also implies that it is lacking in some way – it is not,” says Jack Higginbotham, PRS Guitars Chief Operating Officer. “This guitar is full of all the attention to detail we have infused into the SE Series: the neck, pickups, playability, and vibe are pure PRS. More than that, this new satin finish makes a very lively guitar because it is so thin, but it is also incredibly durable, so it can withstand a bit of abuse. This is a quintessential player’s guitar.”

 Foundationally, the combination of the all-mahogany body with a bolt-on neck and all-over thin, satin finish results in a guitar with punch, power, snap, and response. More detailed specifications include: an all-mahogany body that sports PRS’s shallow violin carve, a bolt-on maple neck featuring a wide thin carve and a 25” scale length, 24-fret rosewood fretboard with a 10” radius and PRS’s trademark bird inlays. The PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin also features the full range and clarity of PRS’s 85/15 “S” pickups and the versatility of the push/pull tone control with 3-way toggle pickups selector.

This introduction builds on the PRS SE Series already versatile offering with hopes of attracting new players to the manufacturer’s gear offering.

“I realize there is risk involved in the investment aspect of it [buying a new guitar] and parents can tend to go with the cheapest thing, which is understandable. I’ve bought karate uniforms, ballet slippers, and all kinds of stuff. But, the physicality of playing guitar…if you are fighting the instrument, it makes it even harder to learn, so I suggest buying the best quality thing you can. I am impressed with the quality of the PRS SE CE 24 Standard Satin,” said Lee Priddy, Guitar Teacher and Music School Owner, Priddy Music Academy.

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