EXPO-SCENE 2024 - A Great Success

EXPO-SCENE 2024 - A Great Success

The EXPO-SCÈNE show has concluded with resounding success, boasting a remarkable 20% increase in visitor turnout compared to the previous year. Held at Palais des congrès de Montréal April 10 and 11, the event showcased an array of innovative products and welcomed a host of new exhibitors, reaffirming its status as a premier destination for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

 The surge in attendance reflects the growing enthusiasm and interest surrounding EXPO-SCÈNE demonstrating its pivotal role in shaping industry trends and fostering meaningful connections within the Canadian market and beyond. Over the course of two days, attendees were treated to an immersive experience featuring cutting-edge technologies, groundbreaking solutions, and engaging TEC Talks presentations.

 One of the most notable highlights of this year's show was the introduction of several new exhibitors, each bringing their unique vision and offerings to the forefront. From emerging startups to established industry leaders, the diverse range of exhibitors added depth and excitement to the event, further enriching the experience for attendees.

 "We are thrilled to see such a significant increase in attendance at this year's EXPO-SCÈNE," said Monique Corbeil, EXPO-SCÈNE Coordinator. "The positive response from both exhibitors and visitors reaffirms the value of EXPO-SCÈNE as a platform for innovation, collaboration, and industry growth."

 As EXPO-SCÈNE continues to grow in stature and influence, organizers remain committed to delivering exceptional value to exhibitors and attendees alike. Plans are already underway for next year's event, promising even more excitement, innovation, and opportunities for all involved.

For more information about EXPO-SCÈNE, please visit https://www.citt.org/ExpoScene.html


EXPO-SCÈNE is Canada’s Leading Entertainment Technology Show. The event brings together industry professionals to explore the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities shaping the future of the entertainment industry.

For information and booth reservation, please contact: Monique Corbeil, EXPO-SCÈNE Coordinator - 514 504-9998 or mcorbeil@citt.org