But Those Guys Were Sociopaths...

But Those Guys Were Sociopaths...

By Jeff Bajorek

I've been thinking about something for a couple of weeks: tying together standards, expectations, superpowers, and what greatness means.

Much of what people think they need to do to be "great" is misguided. We look at athletes and champion them for their competitive nature and fierce discipline, but most of us aren't professional athletes, and what we need to do to be great isn't modeled publicly.

It gets even more difficult when you feel like you need to lean into something that isn't aligned with your own talents. That's like swimming upstream with one hand tied behind your back.

The world opens up when you recognize that you get to define your own greatness. What do you want it to look like? What does it mean to you? Do you need to adopt some kind of borderline sociopathic behavior to get there? Would that even feel right?

Before you play any game, you should know the rules. 

And the game gets easier after you realize you make the rules.