3 Ways NAMM NeXT Can Help You Level Up Your Leadership

3 Ways NAMM NeXT Can Help You Level Up Your Leadership

By Zach Phillips

 At some point, every leader needs a reboot. Businesses change, conditions change and, of course, answers change. And whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the helm, the simplest way to drive your business forward is to jump on professional development opportunities.

At NAMM, we’ve launched our newest event in this spirit. Held July 17–18 in Nashville, NAMM NeXT is exclusively for NAMM members: music retailers, brands and professionals in audio, live event production and music education. Picture an immersive conference experience, where you’ll discover vital perspectives on leadership, trends and market insights, along with an insider’s look at evolving business strategies from the biggest experts.

If this strikes a chord, here are three ways an immersive leadership growth event like NAMM NeXT can help you and the leaders at your organization.

1. Learn How to Disrupt Disruption

In the last few years, we’ve seen firsthand how one disruption can change an entire industry, seemingly overnight. (Look no further than March 2020.) Think of disruption not as a matter of if but when. Also, consider the potential impact of the latest disruptions, such as the advent of AI and new developments in the digital economy. Leaders need to be nimble.

At an event like NAMM NeXT, leadership gets the opportunity to refine their strategy in the face of dramatic change. You’ll hear from such globally recognized experts as Daymond John, entrepreneurial icon, FUBU founder and longtime “Shark Tank” judge; Whitney Johnson, an authority on leading through disruption; and Mark Schaefer, marketing and branding guru.

 2. Discover Accurate Trend Forecasting

Trends are hard to predict, even for the most well-read. On top of that, the best leaders can get distracted by what’s happening within the four walls of a business and stop thinking from 30,000-feet up. How often do we focus on the urgent instead of the important? This impacts a company’s performance in the long run.

 A leadership-development event that provides trend forecasting is a powerful way to gather industry insights you can use. NAMM NeXT, for example, will deliver insights from thought leaders who have their fingers on the pulse of the industry, along with a deep dive into trends that will impact business strategy. Expert presenters will also reveal a panoramic view of what’s to come — helping you adjust your short-term tactics to achieve long-term success.

 3. Find New Ways to Reinvent Your Business

Great companies can still hit a plateau. To make the jump to the next growth stage, leaders want to be looking ahead to anticipate the unpredictable. This is how you jumpstart the innovation engine in time to meet future market demands.

Discovering the pivotal strategies your company requires to stay relevant is ongoing. The benefit of a leadership growth event like NAMM NeXT is that it brings together peers in the industry and gives you and your team the opportunity to benchmark your company. You’ll gain tailored insights from globally recognized experts with a deep understanding of why organizations succeed or fail. Attendees will also get a better feel for where their company lands on the trajectory of success and be able to identify what’s going right and what needs focus.

Register today at next.namm.org

Zach Phillips is the Director of Professional Development at NAMM